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    1. Isak Dinesen  "Bonanza"
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      Out of Africa - 1938 First Edition Seven Gothic Tales - 1934 First Edition Winter's Tale - 1942 First Edition Shadows on the Grass - 1960 Carnival - 1977 Daguerreotypes and Other Essays - 1979 Letters From Africa - 1981 Isak Dinesen - The Life of a Storyteller - 1982

    2. GIANT By Edna Ferber
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      Edna Ferber's GIANT - 1952 Special Edition

    3. The Virginian - 1928
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      Owen Wister's "The Virginian" 1928

    4. 10 Brand New Shrink Wrapped Poetry Mag Book - April 2012 - 100yr. Annv

      10 Brand New, Shrink Wrapped Poetry Magazine Book - April 2012 - 100 year Anniversary - brand new, never been used, still shrink wrapped - 10 books, april 2012, 100 year anniversary edition - Patricia Kirkpatrick, Geoffrey Hill, Muriel Rukeyser, Nate Klug, Gwendolyn Brooks, Hailey Leighauser, and more 408.828.2147 -james

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    6. 50WaystobeherLover

      What is it that you really want a wife, lover or friend? You can have all of these and more if you follow the simply Instructions outlined in this book.

    7. 50WaystobeherLover

      What are you looking for a lover, wife or friend? Well, you can have it all by following the Instructions outlined. Author Laval Duke Vallare, PhD

    8. $22 00 Per Hour Federal Minimum Wage

      Audiobook available at https://www.byronmeshellegoines.com/22-00-per-hour-federal-minimum-wage.aspx Byron Goines gives a thorough examination of the history of minimum wage increases since its beginning in the 1938 Fair Labor Standards Act. Senate salary increases since 1789 are examined in detail, and compared with the federal minimum wage increases since 1938. Get ready Americans; you may ...

    9. 2014 Midterm Elections

      "2014 Midterm Elections" https://www.byronmeshellegoines.com/the-2014-midterm-elections.aspx This audiobook informs all listeners about the seriousness of the 2014 midterm elections, which has passed and now applies to the 2016 elections, as a Democrat controlled Senate and House of Representatives is necessary in order to end Republican obstruction. The office of President of the United ...

    10. Chasing Dreams

      "Chasing Dreams" https://www.byronmeshellegoines.com/chasing-dreams.aspx This is an inspiring audiobook for those seeking encouragement as they climb their own individual mountains. Times are tough and many people have almost given up on believing dreams can still come true, but those who need to be motivated to take the next step are admonished to listen to this audiobook as it is a must ...

    11. Poems or Poetry: A Compilation

      "Poems or Poetry: A Compilation" https://www.byronmeshellegoines.com/poems-or-poetry-a-compilation.aspx Byron Goines and Meshelle Goines have compiled the first edition of their poetry and it will inform, inspire, motivate, and entertain. It contains powerful words of truth combined with comforting words of encouragement and is a must-listen for everyone with goals and dreams in search of ...

    12. Powers of the Texas Governor

      "Powers of the Texas Governor" https://www.byronmeshellegoines.com/powers-of-the-texas-governor Byron Goines explains some of the specifics concerning the powers of the Texas Governor and gives an explanation of the gubernatorial breakdown of the powers, along with some information about the Governor's power in the legislative process.

    13. The Tithe Debate

      "The Tithe Debate" https://www.byronmeshellegoines.com/the-tithe-debate.aspx Learn how to engage in a debate on the subject of the tithe in a powerful audiobook written by Byron Goines. This audiobook will thoroughly inform listeners on the subject of the tithe through the utilization of a debate style format which includes the pro-tithe side and a rebuttal by Byron Goines. The audiobook ...

    14. The Rise of the Forty-seven Percent

      "The Rise of the Forty-seven Percent" https://www.byronmeshellegoines.com/the-rise-of-the-forty-seven-percent.aspx How does the economy work? How much is Congress paid? Should Congress receive a pay raise? Are entitlement programs a necessity? Should entitlement programs be cut? What are some projections for the future of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)? Is the Food Stamp (SNAP) program ...

    15. Democrats or Republicans

      "Democrats or Republicans" https://www.byronmeshellegoines.com/democrats-or-republicans.aspx Byron Goines explains in detail the effect entitlement programs have on the stimulation of the economy while at the same time helping those who are in need and he explains the word "entitlement," which some have attempted to turn into a bad word when in reality it is a good word. Have you heard the ...

    16. 21st Century American

      "21st Century American" https://www.byronmeshellegoines.com/21st-century-american.aspx This is book 1 in a series of books by Byron Goines entitled 21st Century American, which chronicles the journey of the 21st Century American into the future and examines the ideology of both political parties as the United States of America journeys together as a nation. Progression and regression is ...

    17. Undocumented Immigrants

      "Undocumented Immigrants" https://www.byronmeshellegoines.com/undocumented-immigrants.aspx Byron Goines addresses the topic of undocumented immigrants through the utilization of U.S. history to point out the importance of congressional legislation concerning comprehensive immigration reform. This audiobook can be utilized as an effective training tool for debate with opponents of ...

    18. Jesus Christ WOULD Support Food Stamps (SNAP)

      "Jesus Christ WOULD Support Food Stamps (SNAP)" https://www.byronmeshellegoines.com/jesus-christ-would-support-food-stamps-snap.aspx Byron Goines proves through the utilization of scripture that Jesus Christ would support Food Stamps (SNAP). Food stamps (SNAP) and how the system works for food stamp (SNAP) recipients and retail food stores is explained in detail. The tithe "produce of the ...

    19. The Church

      "The Church" https://www.byronmeshellegoines.com/the-church.aspx Find out what the Church is as Byron Goines gives an exposition on the Biblical definition of the word "Church." Many have a false concept of the Church based upon man's concept of the Church, which is not scriptural when analyzed in accordance with the New Testament. So-called preachers have utilized the false concept of the ...

    20. IMMIGRATION: "United States Citizenship for Immigrants"

      IMMIGRATION: "United States Citizenship for Immigrants" https://www.byronmeshellegoines.com/immigration-united-states-citizenship-for-immigrants.aspx All comprehensive immigration reform advocates should have this audiobook in their library. This audiobook can be utilized as an effective training tool for debate with opponents of comprehensive immigration reform. Byron Goines addresses the ...