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  1. Do you have Financial Stress?

    IS YOUR LIFE afflicted by the stresses and strains of financial emergencies? If you are ending up with your attention on “finance” rather than living your life to the fullest, this course will give you tools that set you on the road of survival and happiness. The Scientology Tools for Overcoming Financial Stress Course shows you how to take control of and effectively handle a financial crisis, small or seemingly large. It also gives you the tools to prevent one in the first place. These fundamentals, ...

  2. Do you have ups and downs in life?

    WHEN YOU SUDDENLY start making mistakes, it is caused by something. When you feel happy and, for no apparent reason, suddenly start feeling down, somebody made this happen. There are specific types of personality—those who wish people well and those who are ill-intentioned. If you have experienced a roller coaster of emotion or ups and downs in your life, someone around you could be suppressing you—squashing you or trying to make you smaller. On the Overcoming Ups & Downs in Life Course you will ...

  3. Lacking Motivation?

    TO ACCOMPLISH YOUR goals, you need personal drive—and active doing. You have to overcome barriers and keep moving forward. Success, therefore, requires personal motivation. So why do we often procrastinate? And sometimes end up doing nothing? Why do we occasionally delay some trivial thing that then develops into a crisis? The How to Get Motivated Course answers these questions. It shows you how to overcome barriers to accomplishing something. It provides the know-how to make work simpler and more ...

  4. Self Esteem Group and Classes

    Come to our Self Esteem Group and classes! Do you used to believe in yourself more? Do some experiences still affect how you feel about yourself? Do you want to regain and improve your self esteem? Do you want to be more of a go-getter? Do you want to believe in yourself more? Do you want to let go of your inhibitions and just go for it? Come to this group. We have consultations, classes, seminars, and books which will change your life! This group will help you to have self esteem again. Call ...

  5. Alternative Spiritual Studies Group

    Do you enjoy reading about spiritual, mystical, or positive information? Do you want to become the master of your own fate and the shaper of your own destiny? Are you curious about whether you have lived before this life? Or who you were? If you are to any of these questions, come join our group. We have speakers, classes, and books you will be interested in. Call Christina at 408-971-7234 for more information.

  6. Group for learning more about Life

    Are you interested in learning more about how the mind works or how life works? Do you want to improve your self-confidence or self esteem? Do you want to become more motivated or have more self-discipline in life? Join our group. We have seminars, classes, speakers, good books for you to read, and wonderful people. Call Christina at 408-971-7234 if interested.

  7. Zumba® Weekday Mornings with My Dance Addiction Group - Groupon Deal!

    My Dance Addiction Group instructors offer pure, fun-filled, easy-to-follow, calorie-blasting, energetic dance classes to the most popular and infectious music from around the world. Our classes include the best of Zumba®, Toning, Salsa, Samba, Merengue, Quebradita and Stretch & Flexibility. Zumba® classes are held Mon, Tues, Thurs, and Fri at 9:30am Zumba® Gold classes are held on Wednesdays 9:30am Bring a towel, water, and wear dance sneakers or comfortable fitness shoes. We look forward to ...

  8. Get the Owner's Manual for your Mind - Attend the Dianetics Seminar

    Running every Tuesday and Thursday evening, The Dianetics Seminar is a hands on workshop that shows you what you weren't taught in school - how your mind REALLY works, what the source of unwanted emotions and compulsions is, and what to do about it. Simple, straighforward, and easy to understand, this seminar walks you through the Parts of the Mind and gives you hands on experience attacking the Reactive Mind - that part of the mind that harbors your fears, aberrations, doubts and uncertainties. ...

  9. art classes at allARTstudio - www.allartstudio.net

    What makes allARTstudio THE place to study art? * allARTstudio is an oasis of time and quality, where students learn essential skills, develop personal expression and enhance creativity with artistic confidence. The relaxed atmosphere lets them flourish. We combine classical studies in all aspects of the fine arts with contemporary educational techniques in a successful series of programs. * We also offer a unique personalized program that is specifically designed for individuals with different ...

  10. Meet Your Spirit Guides with Pendulum Communication

    Meet Your Spirit Guides with Pendulum Communication Join Psychic Medium Nadia Shapiro as she unlocks the key to Discovering your Spirit Guides. Spirit Guide communication can help you on your Life's Path. Learn the types of guides and how to grow your connection with them. Please bring your own pendulum. Receive Spirit Guide Readings All ages are welcome. March 15th at 6:00pm in San Jose The Enlightened Mind 1101 S Winchester Blvd Suite N265 San Jose, CA 95128 Tickets are $30 and are available at ...

  11. Know Yourself, Know Life!

    What is the practical application of Scientology for the average man in the street? How can Scientology help people overcome their problems? Why is Man on this planet and what is his purpose here? Such are the questions posed by millions and, in this rare filmed interview, Ron provided the answers: what drove his quest to help Mankind, his hard won discoveries providing the long-sought answers to the riddles of the mind and life, and how he forged a route to accomplish new states of beingness and ...

  12. Improve Your Work Performance with this 3-hour Seminar

    Our Personal Efficiency Course will give you 8 techniques for improving your work life as well as your home life. The interactive seminar style enables you to practice the techniques so you leave actually knowing how to immediately apply them to improve your life. Call for a schedule and more information: 408-249-5398 Life Improvement Center Dianetics & Scientology 1083 S Winchester Blvd San Jose, CA 95128

  13. Financial Planning Par Excellence!

    Enroll in our self-paced course, "Scientology Tools for Financial Security," and you will learn: --How to plan your finances so you never go into debt --How to turn every outlay into an investment for the future --The steps to establish and maintain excellent credit standing and solvency. There is a way to achieve all you want out of life. When you apply what you learn in this course, you can create ongoing prosperity for you, your family, and your business--whether large or small. Call today to ...

  14. Class: Success Through Communication Course

    You Are Only As Successful As Your Ability To Communicate What if you could confidently talk to anyone? What if you had the ability to calmly control every conversation? What if you could close that sale, ask for that date, make new friends, repair problematic relationships, get that raise, or effortlessly express any idea with confidence? Now You Can! The secret to success relies on your ability or inability to effectively communicate—and nothing gives you the ability better than the Success ...

  15. Dianetics Seminar

    Dianetics has the tools so that anyone can improve their confidence and relieve stress and anxiety. Attend a Dianetic Seminar. Give us a call at 415-459-0159 evenings 7-10 p.m. and Saturdays 10-3 p.m.

  16. Relationship Help

    Are you in a bad relationship or have you not gotten over one? We can help. Learn tools that will help improve any relationship. Give us a call at 415-459-0159 evenings 7-10 p.m. and Saturdays 10-3 p.m.

  17. Firearms Classes- learn how to shoot a gun!

    Welcome to Bay Area Firearms- a fun and friendly place to learn how to shoot a pistol, shotgun, and/or a rifle! We offer certification courses for all three types of firearms, as well as self-defense classes and home-invasion classes. We provide the weapons and expertise- just bring yourself and a snack and you're good to go!

  18. PHOTOGRAPHY LESSONS -Learn how to use your camera, take pictures, Edit

    OFFERING PRIVATE OR SEMI PRIVATE LESSONS: 1 hour lesson - $50.00, semi private: (2 people) $60.00 an hour LEARN TO TAKE PICTURES YOU CAN BE PROUD OF SHARING or PRINTING FOR FAMILY, FOR YOUR HOME, OR FRIENDS. The new digital cameras can be technically confusing. I can teach you how to use any type of digital camera; take better pictures (understanding lighting, how to pose people, take landscapes, etc); as lessons progress I can teach you how to edit on a wonderful free editing system, how to upload ...

  19. Glass on Glass Mosaic Window Frame Worksho

    Glass on Glass Mosaic Window Frame 2-Day Workshop with Mela Delgado April 26 & 27 Saturday & Sunday 10:30 am – 4:30 pm Bring light and beauty into your home by creating one-of-a-kind glass mosaic window frame. Fees: $ 140 Members; $160 Non-members To register online and learn more about Mela and this workshop, please visit our website at http://www.frankbettecenter.org/glass-on-glass-mosaic.html "Noche de Dulce Nectar" ("Night of Sweet Nectar") by Mela Delgado

  20. 4 Week Expressive Art Workshop with Adele Aced

    Expressive Art with Adele Aced May 9, 16, 23, 30 Fridays, 12:30 – 2 pm Use simple collage techniques to free your creative spirit, affirm your individual stories and just plain have fun. Fees: $50 Members; $60 Non-members To register and learn more about the workshop and Adele, please visit our website at http://www.frankbettecenter.org/expressive-art.html Collage by Adele Aced

  21. 2-Day Workshop Painting the Still Life with Bruce Katz

    Painting the Still Life 2-Day Workshop with Bruce Katz May 24 & 25 Saturday & Sunday, 10 am – 2:30 pm Fees: $160 Members; $190 Non-members Limited seating! This workshop focuses on the process of creating successful still life paintings using oil paint, water-soluble oils or acrylics. To learn more about the workshop and Bruce, and register online, please visit http://www.frankbettecenter.org/painting-the-still-life-2-day-workshop.html "Sitting Quietly" by Bruce Katz

  22. Intermediate Beginners Italian with Janet Butler

    6 Week Intermediate Beginners Italian with Janet Butler April 5, 12, 19, 26 & May 3, 10 Saturdays,10:30 am – 12 pm Fees: $180 Members $195 Non-members Limited Seating! Ideal for the artist traveling to Italy to paint! A continuation for intermediate beginners, using “Italian Made Simple” by Cristina Mazzoni; more advanced courses to follow. Janet has used this book with great success. It presents the grammar/vocabulary embedded in a charming love story with grammar and vocabulary exercises ...

  23. Anti-depressants are Not the Answer

    If you’re suffering from depression, you’ve probably thought that drugs might be the answer. There is a better way. We specialize in solutions to stress, anxiety and depression without drugs! Solutions that really work instead of drugs that just mask the symptoms or make things worse. We’ll help you gain the strength to make your life peaceful, happy and fun again. Call Tabitha at (408)-428-2424. We are located near the USPS Office and the Costco 1865 Lundy Ave. San Jose, CA 95131

  24. Are you into self-help?

    Are you interested in self-improvement? Are you searching for answers to life’s problems? Would you like to tap into your potential? Are finding truth and happiness worth making time for? We’re looking for people who want to make their lives better. Call Tabitha at 650-400-4729 for more info.